About Us

Scott Kellock, a.k.a. “treeguy” and owner of The Branch Manager Tree Experts Inc., received his Horticulture Diploma from Olds College, in Alberta, in the late 1970s. Scott’s expertise has grown over 30+ years through background as a horticulturist, journeyman landscaper, and certified arborist.  
Working with a preferred network of professional service providers, we are the perfect sized little tree company! We are special, partly because of our size, mostly because of our expertise. The bottom line is – we do genuinely care about the health and longevity of your trees – honestly.  “No rips, no tears, no stubs, no flush cuts”. We are serious. You get the best tree service in Southern Alberta that is a promise and a guarantee!

 Our mission is to maintain and enhance your property value! Whether it is a residential or commercial property, tree maintenance can enhance your property value by 10% or more. You also prevent hazards, risks and liabilities by keeping an eye on your trees.