Pruning is vital to supporting the health and longevity of your trees!

When done correctly by The Branch Manager Tree Experts, as shown in this photo, proper pruning ensures that:

  • your property value is enhanced by enriching the health of your trees;
  • all dead wood is removed, and hazards or disease sites are minimized;
  • crossing and rubbing branches are removed to maintain the structural integrity of your trees and other property structures;
  • wounds callous over naturally without the use of paints and tars; 
  • better light and air penetration occurs when the canopy is thinned.

No Rips, No Tears, No Stubs, No Flush Cuts… 


Tree Removal

Unfortunately sometimes trees need to be removed.

The following are situations when you should call The Branch Manager Tree Experts to have your tree removed:
  • When the tree is dead or dying. If 50% or more of the tree is dead or damaged the integrity of the tree is compromised and poses threats to both structures and people.
  • When the tree is diseased. Common diseases in Calgary and Southern Alberta include black knot fungus, fire blight and oyster shell scale (See Tree Diseases)
  • When the tree is in a poor location. If the tree is in the powerlines or is causing damage to your house, sidewalk, driveway and/or other structures on your property.
  • When the tree is structurally flawed. This can include damage or disease related to the trunk, double leader spruce trees, shallow root systems and leaning trees.
  • Undesirable trees. These are your trees, you are the people maintaining them. You have to like you trees.

Our Arborists are trained and insured to remove both difficult and dangerous trees. We pride ourselves on safety. Please do not hesitate to call us.

Stump Grinding

After your tree is carefully removed, the stump and surface lateral roots can be ground as well.

The purpose of stump grinding is to:
  • Reclaim the land like there was never a tree there.
  • Eliminate breeding sites for insects.
  • Reduce the risk of the tree suckering and regrowth.
  • Clear your property of potential hazards.
Mechanical stump grinders grind the wood into “stump chips” that can be used as mulch or distributed under existing trees. The home owner is responsible for the left over wood chips. We grind stumps to a level you are satisfied with, typically to a maximum depth of 6-8 inches below ground surface, allowing room to add soil for grass seed or sod, flowers or shrubs.


Trees need fertilizing to maintain proper nutrient levels. For example, when trees are chlorotic (yellowing of leaves) it indicates a nitrogen deficiency. Southern Alberta soils, especially clay soils, can limit nutrient uptake.

The Branch Manager Tree Experts employs a method of surface-lateral, slow-release fertilizer plugs that ensure optimum nutrient delivery for up to 2 years.

You probably do not need deep-root fertilizing that other firms may sell you. Why? The only tree in southern Alberta with a tap root (like a carrot) is an oak tree. All other plant material in this environment has surface-lateral roots, which rarely penetrate the soil deeper than 8-10 inches. If you pay for deep root fertilizing when you don’t need it, the material only leaches in the soil and does not go near the roots.


During the process of tree removal there are occasions when wood becomes available for free giveaway, as long as you do the pick-up and take full responsibility for any personal injury or damage to the property. We don't always know in advance when firewood will be available.  Please note that this firewood is cut in fireplace lengths, but is not split and will need to be seasoned.

Please contact Scott for more details...